November 2015

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Designing a Legacy
Samsel Architects

Heating Up the Art Scene with Lexington Glassworks
Billy Guilford and Geoff Koslow

#Now Trending: Ted and Flori Pate’s Authentic Start-Up
Dig Local

Nonprofit NC

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Nonprofit North Carolina
Metrics and Accountability in Philanthropy


Carl Sandburg

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A Moving Season
Renovating and Restoring Carl Sandburg’s Connemara.

Feeling Stuffed
Drop the drumstick, get outside, & get moving!


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A Steadfast Community Commitment
Written by Amelia Buchholz

Lost and Found: How Virgil and Midnite found a home… and a way back to each other
Written by Tracy Elliott

How Wealth Transfers: Calculating the cost of impatience
Written by Mike Summey