October 2015 Edition

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Robert Beatty

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Cluxton Caskets
Abraham Cluxton

A Tale of Two Passions
Robert Beatty

From Taboo to Conversational
Adrienne Crowther 

A Grave Responsibility

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A Grave Responsibility
Who Makes Sure You’re Remembered … Or Not? 




Tweetsie Railroad

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Happy Hauntings
A few Halloweeen events in Western North Carolina.

The Virginia Creeper Trail
Hallowed and Historic Ground.

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“I know what I saw.” The Old Man and the Hound of Goshen
Written by Ghost Of A. Chance – AKA Roger McCredie

Scared Stiff: Two Tales of Harrowing Asheville Hauntings
Written by Dr. Vladmir Cutupand-dropoff XIV – AKA Mondy Carty



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