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Still On the GO

January 2019

Written by Derek Halsey | Photos by Evan Anderson The beloved Brevard-based business expands with caution, innovation, and established brand appeal. When Capital at Play last profiled SylvanSport nearly seven…

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Production Line

October 2018

Written by Bill Kopp  |  Photos by Evan Anderson Gar Ragland wears multiple hats—recording studio rat and producer, owner of a record label and an annual songwriting competition, board chair…

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Driving on Sunshine

August 2018

Written by Jennifer Fitzgerald | Photos by Anthony Harden Brightfield Transportation Solutions, headed up by Stan Cross and Matthew Johnson, leads the way for electric vehicles with solar driven technology.…

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Gaining Traction

July 2018

Written by Arthur Treff  |  Photos by Evan Anderson Western North Carolina has ample opportunities for fun- and thrill-seeking off-road buffs. Marshall Grant, of Marion’s Blue Ridge Expeditions, wants to…

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