Featured Capitalists

Small But Mighty

November 2020

Written by Emily Glaser  |  Photos by Anthony Harden Ten Diverse Western North Carolina Nonprofits Prove that Strength Lies in Spirit, Not Size   Every week, they roll up in…

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Making Matters

October 2020

Written by Pamela Pyms |  Photos by Evan Anderson Perspectives with Craftsman and Artist Michael Sherrill Renowned craft artist. Maker. Entrepreneur. Innovator. Businessman. Philanthropist. Michael Sherrill embodies all these titles…

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The Beer Necessities

September 2020

Written by Bill Kopp |  Photos by Anthony Harden In Beer City, USA, Tedd Clevenger Has Everything Home Brewing Hobbyists Need—and More Asheville has a well-deserved reputation as “Beer City,…

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Bottoms Up

September 2020

Written by Jason Gilmer |  Photos by Anthony Harden Appalachian Mountain Brewery Is a Family Business with Much Bigger Resources Chris Zieber sat in his apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea…

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Trail Blazer

August 2020

Written by Kay West  |  Photos by Anthony Harden Jennifer Pharr Davis on Building a Blue Ridge Business On a hazy, late spring afternoon, a light breeze ruffles the colorful…

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The Great Outdoors

July 2020

Written by Shawndra Russell  |  Photos by Evan Anderson In Swain County Opposites Attract in a Leadership Team That’s Expanded Bryson City Outdoors to Three Locations in Five Years The…

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