Local Industry

Of Sound Mind

August 2020

Written by Shawndra Russell Local Creatives & Entrepreneurs Have an Ear for Podcast Production As the co-host of two new local podcasts—The Great Reset, which is dedicated to discussing the…

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Lands of the Sky

July 2020

Written by Dasha Morgan A New Generation Carries on Western North Carolina’s Legacy of Landscape Architecture In Western North Carolina there is a community of talented, knowledgeable, and able landscape…

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Dog Days

June 2020

Written by Bill Kopp The Growing Dog Daycare Industry Provides for Pets, Their People, and Local Entrepreneurs Busy pet owners are increasingly availing themselves of dog daycare, and the industry…

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WNC’s Gearing Up

April 2020

Written by Jennifer Fitzgerald Kitsbow CEO David Billstrom describes Western North Carolina as a “Goldilocks” location for manufacturers of outdoor gear. It’s a claim he can testify to, as he…

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By Design

March 2020

Written by Bill Kopp With construction booming across Western North Carolina, the architectural firms of the region find their services in demand more than ever. At its best, architecture can…

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Oh WNC Christmas Tree

December 2019

Written by Bill Kopp  |  Photos courtesy North Carolina Christmas Tree Association Picked out your holiday tree yet? You’ll have plenty of options because, thanks to the hospitable elevation and…

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Joining Forces

November 2019

Written by Jennifer Fitzgerald Western North Carolina nonprofits that collaborate and partner together do so in order to make a difference—and to boost their organizations’ effectiveness and efficiency.  There’s strength…

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