Leisure & Libation

Highway Star

August 2017

Written by Jim Murphy / Photos by Anthony Harden Collecting and displaying classic cars in Western North Carolina are no mere exercises in nostalgia—they’re physical embodiments of deep-rooted passion. Your…

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Dirt Surfing

June 2017

Written by Park Baker (June 2017) So you want to go downhill mountain biking? Nowadays, it’s easier than ever, with a wealth of options whether you’re a novice or long-time…

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The Reel Deal

April 2017

Written by Toni Sherwood | Photos by Anthony Harden (April 2017) In Western North Carolina, cinephiles of all stripes regularly gather in film societies to bond over their collective love…

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Eat, Pray, Hike!

November 2016

Written by Marla Hardee Milling Looking to work off all those Thanksgiving meal calories? Consult the Capital at Play guide to day hikes in Western North Carolina. Life is built…

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