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As Western NC’s business publication, we’re here to lend clarity and organization to an economy defined by its unique and populous private sector. As a natural part of our editorial coverage, we create lists of firms in various industries, as well as other resources for the business community. Here you will find them in a simple format for your usage. We update them as we find new information, or as discrepancies are noticed and pointed out to us. If you would like them in expanded format with other information, or if you see something that might be out of date, please email us at


You can view these lists, charts and maps here:

Alcohol In Western NC (September 2016)
Map of Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries & Cideries in Western NC
Master List: Breweries
Master List: Wineries
Master List: Distilleries
Master List: Cideries

Alcohol In Western NC 2017 – Master List of Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries & Cideries (September 2017)

Manufacturing List (February 2016)

Manufacturing List (February 2017 – greatly expanded from 2016)

Manufacturing List (February 2018)

Summer Camps in Western NC List (March 2016)

Doggie Day Care Facilities in Western North Carolina List (May 2016)

Day Hikes in Western North Carolina (November 2016)

Pre-school Child Care Options in Western North Carolina (May 2017)

Farmers Markets in Western North Carolina (August 2017)

Capital at Play / Mountain BizWorks ScaleUp Case Studies