• Article on Cluxton Caskets

    Cluxton Caskets

    September 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content

    Not everyone is built to take on a profession that revolves around death. Funeral home directors, headstone carvers, casket makers… some of these owners inherit the family business, others have more personal reasons. Abraham Cluxton, founder Cluxton Caskets in Asheville, a company that began with his love of woodworking. The full article continues below. Click ...

  • Memorial glass that incorporates cremation ashes. This one is called Celestial Sphere by artist Rick Melby, IL

    From Taboo to Conversational

    September 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content

    Sometimes Adrienne Crowther will do a little side glance before she slides a secret packet into the hands of an artist during a meeting. “I think, ‘If people ever knew what we are doing in this coffee shop,’” she says with a laugh. The full article continues below. Click to open in fullscreen…...

  • Robert Beatty

    A Tale of Two Passions

    September 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content

    ‘Serafina and the Black Cloak’ is a middle grade mystery thriller that takes place in the Vanderbilt mansion. The villain is a cloak-wearing specter who is making children vanish. Here’s the real-life mystery: How can the author of this best selling novel for young readers also be a wildly successful high-tech entrepreneur? More importantly, how ...

  • A Grave Responsibility

    A Grave Responsibility

    September 2015 • Current Edition, Local Industry, Magazine Content

    Death is the central fact of life. (Damn, that was profound, wasn’t it?) Other animals know about pain and danger, and they spend much of their existence taking steps to avoid them. But humans, we are told, are the only creatures who actually know there’s such a thing as death, that it happens to everybody ...

  • Tweetsie Railroad

    Happy Hauntings

    September 2015 • Current Edition, Leisure & Libation, Magazine Content

    The thrills and chills of Halloween make family entertainment frightfully popular (and profitable) for area businesses. Learn about the The Costume Shoppe located in Asheville – p.40 Take a Ride on the Ghost Train  – p.42 Get Ready for a Fright – p.44 List of Western North Carolina Halloween activities – p.46 The full article continues ...


Mondy Craty

Scared Stiff

September 2015

No campfire? No problem… Step right up if you dare, and leave your inhibitions at home. This quaint mountain town is full of terrors that have nothing to...

jeremiah tracy

More Than Pumpkin

August 2015

Capital Adventurist

Virginia Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail

September 2015

A landmark steeped in history, the 34-mile Virginia Creeper Trail beckons cyclists of every skill level. What began as a railway has since been converted into...

Trans-America Trail

Off the Grid

July 2015