• Katuah feature

    Food for Thought

    October 2014 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    In its “Monthly Trend Briefing” for October 2014, identified “brand sacrifice” as an upcoming business trend for 2015. The challenge they posed to companies: What are you prepared to sacrifice to reduce negative impacts on consumers, the society, or the environment? This sounds simple enough. But the reason they see this as a coming trend ...

  • Sugar Mountain - photo courtesy of

    High Country Winter: To the Skiers It’s Snow, To the Owners It’s Sugar

    October 2014 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    Back in the 1960s skiing became sexy. Television followed the sport to competitions around the world, giving American audiences close-up looks at an international roster of fine-tuned athletes—both male and female—looking cool in their sleek racing outfits and flying down a mountain at impossible speeds on shiny skis emblazoned with colorful logos. And lurking just below ...

  • Dave Hollister of Sundance Power Systems

    Sun, Wind, & Water: One Company’s Quest to Give You Power

    October 2014 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    Solar, sustainability, efficiency, green living & building, are a few buzz words heard often throughout this area. New construction is looking for alternative methods to utilize renewable resources, cutting costs and environmental impact both for residential and business properties. Sundance Power Systems is a family run business steeped in a history of engineering, activism, and ...

  • Thomas Wolfe feature

    Forty-Eight Spruce Street: The life & times of Asheville’s best-known address

    October 2014 • Current Edition, Leisure & Libation

    “It was situated five minutes from the public square, on a pleasant sloping middleclass street of small homes and boarding-houses. Dixieland was a big cheaply constructed frame house of eighteen or twenty drafty high-ceilinged rooms…” —Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel Forty-eight Spruce Street is no longer on Spruce Street. Or, more accurately, Spruce Street no longer goes ...

  • AVL

    AVL: What can you build for 64 million dollars?

    October 2014 • Current Edition, Local Industry

    It’s dark. You’re an airmail pilot, circa 1925. Rain stings your face. You’re straining through the mist to see the light beacons below. In good weather following the line they form across the country is easy, but tonight the weather is horrible. Your flight suit and gloves are soaked. Your tiny biplane is battered by ...


Forrest Merithew

Forgive us our Trespasses

October 2014

A billionaire landowner in Northern California recently went to extreme lengths to prevent the public from accessing a private beach via a long time used road...

Capital Adventurist

Shulls Mill Road

A Digestif: Easy Day Hikes for the Holiday Season

October 2014

View the full map of these trailheads with Google Maps Thanksgiving is about food and family. A house is chosen, sometimes in a rotation, and everyone who...

Friars in the Forest

Friars in the Forest

October 2014