• Outrider USA

    Outriding With Purpose

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content

    Hybrid cars that run on a combination of electricity and gasoline are everywhere, and gaggles of bicycles can be seen in every city. But what about hybrid bicycles; the ones incorporating pedal power, augmented by electric motors? Why do we rarely see them? The full article continues below. Click to open in fullscreen…...

  • Innovative Spa

    Christina & Ilana Will Take the Risk, So Guests Can Relax

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content

    Take two dynamic young women, mix with instant connection, add a steady drumbeat of hard work, a healthy dose of nerve, borrowed cash and maxed-out credit cards, a bit of luck, a dollop of the 2008 recession, and what do you get? If you’re in the right place at the right time – as they ...

  • LaZoom Bus Tours

    Top Hats & Feisty Nuns:

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content

    Walking through the busy streets of downtown Asheville you will encounter great restaurants, unique shops, street festivals, art galleries, coffee shops, and, of course, a nun riding the tallest bicycle you have ever seen, closely followed by a long purple bus with gold embellishments and loud laughter flowing from the curtained windows. The LaZoom tour ...

  • Feather your nest Consignment picture

    Shop Thrifting

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Local Industry, Magazine Content

    There was a time when walking into a consignment shop meant looking over your shoulder to ensure that no one recognized you. Stigma reigned – despite good, solid merchandise and rock bottom pricing. Shopping on the cheap just wasn’t done, at least among the image-conscious. But that was then. Following the recession in 2008, the ...

  • Twin Leaf bar photo

    Places to Grab a Drink With Your Dog

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Leisure & Libation, Magazine Content

    Two dogs walk into a bar… That’s not a joke anymore. In North Carolina, as well as every other state except North Dakota, dogs are welcomed at restaurants with outside seating. That should not come as news to anyone who has strolled past the many outdoor restaurants of Western North Carolina. From Great Danes to ...


James Johnson

Part 2: Keep your “Dream Home” from Turning into a Nightmare.

July 2015

Last month, I talked about some of the potential pitfalls and challenges to building your own custom home. Problems that too often result in someone like...

Capital Adventurist



July 2015

Deep forests, gorgeous waterfalls, and stunning views, Western North Carolina offers miles of rugged trails for mountain biking enthusiasts. Part of the fun is...