• EchoView Farm & Fibermill

    Hops & Yarn

    August 2014 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    “If you can’t raise food and clothe yourself, you have a big issue,” says Julie Jensen. It’s a lesson she learned as a youngster, growing up on a farm and hearing harrowing tales of the Dust Bowl—a series of droughts during the 1930s that devastated 100 million acres of American farmland, including parts of Texas ...

  • Forrest Jarrett

    A Visit with the Earl of Leicester

    August 2014 • Current Edition

    “Honorable sir,” the energetic voice on voicemail had said, “this is Detective Forrest Jarrett. Retired. I would love to meet and talk with you. Meet me at Turkey Creek Grill in downtown Leicester at noon.” Now the closest thing to a definable downtown in Leicester, North Carolina, is a stretch of Highway 63 a few miles ...

  • Ganoderma curtisii, golden reishi cloned from the wild.

    Fungus Loving Hunters

    August 2014 • Current Edition, Leisure & Libation

    The sporadic rain showers, damp air, and threatening thunderstorms that attack Western North Carolina in the early days of spring and the sweltering days of summer, provide ideal conditions for an often overlooked commodity that flourishes in this area—the mushroom.  ...

  • Asheville Wine & Food Festival

    How to do a Festival

    August 2014 • Current Edition, Local Industry

    In the not too distant future, social historians who assign cute nicknames to our passing eras—the Roaring ’20s, Fabulous ’50s—may decide to call our present time, “The Age of the Festival.” Nowhere is that description more accurate than in Western North Carolina and its surrounding areas. ...


Bill Fishburne

Real Estate Just Keeps Getting Better

August 2014

It almost sounded funny at the time. The housing market had crashed, the stock market wasn’t doing too well itself, and here was this billionaire Wall Street...

Capital Adventurist



August 2014

Humans have sought the skies for millennia. They have obsessed, slaved, and died in the pursuit of the feeling of peace and weightlessness previously found...