• Storehouse of Secrets - Pawn Shops

    Storehouse of Secrets

    July 2014 • Current Edition, Local Industry

    My father died suddenly and unexpectedly. In going through his personal effects the next day, my brother and I found tucked in his wallet a sheaf of yellow NCR receipts, each listing an item of personal property (mostly power tools), a dollar amount, and a date…Pawn tickets. Pawning and (usually) redeeming stuff was a part ...

  • Mast Farm Inn

    A Blend of the Old & the New

    July 2014 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    To breathe in the amazing beauty of North Carolina’s High Country, you need to find a comfortable place to rest your head, a place where you can truly unwind, take in the surrounding vistas, smell the wildflowers with the sourwood blossoms. You need to find a place that allows you to relax and give yourself ...

  • MB Haynes

    Beyond Light Poles & Circuit Breakers

    July 2014 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    With annual sales of more than $90 million… With more than 500 employees… With a fleet of more than 400 vehicles… With clients that range from the North Carolina DOT to Mission Hospital, Duke Energy and the Biltmore Estate… MB Haynes Corporation ranks as one of the top companies in Western North Carolina....

  • WNC Bed and Breakfast Inns

    A Unique Social Environment

    July 2014 • Current Edition, Leisure & Libation

    Sure, you could stay at hotels when you’re getting away this summer, but typically they’re not nearly as nice—and personable—as bed and breakfast inns. “People come here, and  ithey’re happy,” said Helene Siegel, who owns 4½ Street Inn in Highlands with her husband. “They’re on vacation. It’s just nice to be around people when they’re happiest. ...

  • Co-Working

    Co-Working Space is Definitely Working

    July 2014 • Current Edition, Local Industry

    Around the time computers became essential in the well-equipped home, people made a momentous discovery. “Hey, I can work from home.” And why not? Kids are sick, snow is falling, just log on and go to work from the kitchen table. It wasn’t much later that hopeful entrepreneurs took their new freedom a step further. ...


Elizabeth Colton

Jury Service: Experiencing the Real in the Midst of a Virtual World

July 2014

The summons came. Report for “Jury Duty” on a particular day in April at the Buncombe County judiciary complex in downtown Asheville. Was that how I or any...

Capital Adventurist

Canoeing the French Broad River Paddle Trail

Canoeing the French Broad River Paddle Trail

July 2014

Take a day or a week to access and explore a new perspective on one of the oldest rivers in the world. ...