• Fresh fruit tarts at Well-Bred Bakery - photo by Aurelia D’Amore

    Bakeries in Western North Carolina

    February 2015 • Current Edition, Local Industry

    Several dozen small art galleries dot the towns and cities of Western North Carolina, hiding in plain sight as they display amazing multimedia works of vibrant color, rich texture—and mouth-watering taste.  The galleries are the pastry display cases of our many distinguished bakeries that proclaim their products are made “from scratch.” The bakers who run ...

  • Danette Hopey, Troy Hopey, and Rachel Abousaid with Hopey & Co

    Growing a Grocery Business

    February 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    Hopey & Company, a local grocery chain with three locations and a warehouse in the Western North Carolina area, is preparing to expand. The building they currently occupy at 45 South French Broad Avenue in downtown Asheville is getting a total makeover. Troy and Charlie Ball of Asheville Distilling Company purchased the building in 2014. Rumor ...

  • John Yoder of Funny Business

    Funny Business Puts their Money Where the Mic Is

    February 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    “I love the work, I’m passionate,” John Yoder, president of the Funny Business Agency says. “The best times have been going out to dinner with a bunch of comics. It was hard at first, because the pressure is on to feel like you’re up to the repartee. Some of them can be funny all the time.” ...

  • The blessing of the candles for Imbolc at Raven & Crone

    Raven & Crone: Asheville’s Most Bewitching Retailers

    February 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    Ordinations to the Episcopal priesthood are pretty impressive ceremonies. Clergy, acolytes, and choristers from across the diocese and beyond begin the service in solemn procession complete with torchbearers, heraldic banners, and clouds of incense. Yet when the procession formed at the Cathedral of All Souls last May for the ordination of a new priest, two ...

  • Dancing at John C Campbell Folk School

    Get Out and Go Dancing

    February 2015 • Current Edition, Leisure & Libation

    It’s seven p.m. on a clear, cold January night, but inside the softly lit Asheville Ballroom Dance and Event Centre at 991 Sweeten Creek Road, a group of about twenty-five men and women from throughout Western North Carolina are warming up to the voice of their instructor. She’s explaining the basic patterns in line dancing, ...


Wendy K. Coin, M.D.

Exit Strategy: What do you Know about Advance Directives?

February 2015

What’s your exit strategy?” a new friend asked me at supper last month. Our conversation was about our hobbies and passions, which for me always leads to...

Jackie Dobrinska

Meditation at Work

February 2015

Capital Adventurist

Downhill Longboarding - photo by Brad T Miller

Introduction to Downhill Longboarding

February 2015

Fear can drive us to do amazing things, and one of the by-products produced by fear is adrenaline—one of the most intense sensations possible. The thrill of...