• FrenchBroadBoats

    Rowin’ on the River

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content, Uncategorized

    Meet him at the shop he said. I swear that’s what he said. I have followed Jason Brownlee’s directions: turn off Amboy Road into Carrier Park. Go straight ahead till the dirt road tees into a paved road. Keep going until you come to a gravel driveway. Follow the driveway… The full article continues below. Click to ...

  • King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffles

    The Realities of Restaurateur-ing

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content, Uncategorized

    “Do you think you’ll open a third restaurant?” Nearby, a table full of Early Girl Eatery employees starts snickering, while owners Julie and John Stehling blow out puffs of bewildered air. “Nope,” John says, almost as if he doesn’t believe himself, but hopes that what he’s saying now is true. “I don’t think so,” Julie ...

  • Brain Center

    You Can Teach an Old Brain New Tricks

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists, Magazine Content, Uncategorized

    Training the Brain Who doesn’t want to improve their memory, concentration, and be smarter? Especially those of us who have a little more “life experience”, who occasionally can’t remember names or what we wanted when we walked into the kitchen.  Dr. Michael Trayford, owner of APEX Brain Centers, assures me it can happen, but it ...

  • Asheville Fashion

    Creative Mountain Style:

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Local Industry, Magazine Content

    When we think of fashion week, couture clothing designers, and modeling agencies, Western North Carolina is not usually the first place that comes to mind. Bigger cities such as New York, Atlanta, and Charlotte have a history of hosting runway events. But as we all know the sleepy little mountain towns of Western North Carolina have certainly ...

  • Western NC Festivals

    Festival Frenzy

    July 2015 • Current Edition, Leisure & Libation, Magazine Content, Uncategorized

    Throw a dart at a calendar, regardless of month, and you’ll probably land on the date for a festival. Yes, they are plentiful year-round in Western North Carolina, and new ones seem to be popping up all the time. Bele Chere once took center stage as the largest free street festival in the Southeast, attracting ...


Justin Belleme

Evaluating Online Marketing Info

July 2015

There are daily headlines on what’s new and next in marketing. “Facebook is dead,” they say. “Pinterest is the new place for business,” another...

Capital Adventurist

Trans-America Trail

Off the Grid

July 2015

My lips are gritty from the dust, and through the seat, I can feel my rear wheel dance a lazy samba in the loose gravel surface as it gains and loses traction....



July 2015