• Block House Races

    The Block House Steeplechase

    March 2015 • Current Edition, Leisure & Libation

    It’s a beautiful spring day in Polk County at the Block House Races. Cars are searching for their reserved spots on the hill, near the track, or even off-track. Is this row F or G? Visibly, some of the vehicles are packed with friends taking advantage of the one-entry-fee-per-vehicle tradition. Others are already unloading their ...

  • Shuford Carpenter, owner of Vaughan’s Nursery

    With a Little Bit of Bloomin’ Luck: Vaughan’s Nursery Adapts

    March 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    Even without snow on the ground, there’s a bleak beauty to the North Carolina high country in winter. The landscape is the flat gray-brown of bare trees and fallen leaves, with the occasional dark green of conifers, all rendered duller this morning by a sky the color of cement. And it’s cold. Not biting, wind-whipped, ...

  • The Square Root

    Adam Wilson has a world view with a radical name

    March 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    Chef and restaurant owner Adam Wilson is a lucky man. He’s lucky not only because he has a beautiful wife and two adorable young boys (which he does), but also because he is one of the fortunate few who have known exactly what they wanted to do from an early age. It was all about food; ...

  • Andy Strauss

    Andy Strauss: How to exit in style

    March 2015 • Current Edition, Featured Capitalists

    A man was told by his doctor that the end was near so he rushes to his estate attorney to finalize a will. A short time later, he leaves in a huff. “What’s wrong?” the secretary asks as he hurries past. “That lawyer in there,” he says. “He told me he had a few questions ...

  • Family Business Succession

    Family Business Succession Begins with a Conversation

    March 2015 • Current Edition, Local Industry

    Starting a family business can be challenging; maintaining it can be even harder. Think about the reasons behind starting a venture such as this. Most companies start with an idea or an “aha” moment. Wouldn’t it be great if we could work for ourselves? What if we could make money doing this? And once this conceptualization ...


Jackie Dobrinska

Harnessing the Power of the Mind for Success

March 2015

Success in business requires action. The multi-tasking of phone calls, emails, meetings, spreadsheets, contracts, and social media are regular samplings of...

Capital Adventurist


An Underground Society

March 2015

“I’ve heard caves are the last unexplored surface of the earth,” long-time caver Scott McCrea says. “We’re going where most people would never...